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Server admins cheat codes

Category: Bash

  • Ubuntu 18.04 Install Lighttpd+PHP

    This will install Lighttpd and PHP 7.x on Ubuntu 18.04 or later and perform basic configurations needed to get it up and running. This is used to create isolated dev servers that use as little memory as possible. You can also setup SSL on these using LetsEncrypt, but it is not covered here. This is […]

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  • Ubuntu enable SSH for root user

    This is a very bad idea for servers on open internet. Only recommended for servers on local network that are behind firewall and SSH is not accessible from internet. To be used for testing only.

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  • Basics

    These is a collection of most basic linux commands. Some require installations, others come pre-installed with the system.

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  • Ubuntu 18.04 Install Apache+PHP

    This will install Apache2 and PHP 7.x along with LetsEncrypt to enable SSL protected site on Ubuntu 18.04 or later and perform basic configurations needed to get it up and running.

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  • Install Transmission 2.03

    This will allow you to install and use a headless version of Transmission 2.03 on a ubuntu or centos OS and provide a remote RPC access to control the transmission daemon.

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  • Semi-Automatic Nginx Reverse Proxy

    When you have servers with IP addresses or running on different port then usual 80 and 443, you can hide it using a Nginx reverse proxy. From outside, it’ll look just like a regular website with a normal domain or subdomain name, while Nginx will redirect the query to your actual server running behind it. […]

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  • Persistent Reverse Tunnel using AutoSSH

    When the local server is behind a firewall with blocked ports or has dynamic IP or basically unreachable from the internet, it is possible to access the server using this method. This requires a VPS or server with open ports and fixed IP address.

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