These is a collection of most basic linux commands. Some require installations, others come pre-installed with the system.

Show current location:


Show folder size on disk:

du -hs /home/somik/dir/

Mirror full websites using wget:

wget -e robots=off -m -k

Download everything 2 folders deep on website using wget:

wget -e robots=off -m -E -nH -np --cut-dirs=2

Delete a folder:

rm -rf /home/somik/dir/

Change ownership of folder:

chown -hR www-data:www-data /var/www/html/

RAR a file (must have RAR installed on server):

rar a -m0 file.rar "folder1" "folder2" "file3"

UnRAR a file (must have RAR installed on server):

unrar x "file.rar"

tar a file on server:

tar -vcf archive.tar 'folder 1' 'folder 2' 'file 3'

tar.gz a file on server:

tar -vzcf archive.tar.gz 'folder 1' 'folder 2' 'file 3'

Extract tar file:

tar -xvf archive.tar

Extract tar.gz file:

tar -zxvf archive.tar.gz

Create a symbolic link:

ln -s /home/somik/folder1 /var/www/folder2

View file properties:

ls -l

Check server usage by user:

ps aux --sort=uid

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